New Kanada – The Valley (Marshall and Milosh)

Canadian electronic musicians Adam Marshall and Michael Milosh have teamed up to produce “The Valley”, an electronic song that, much like the video suggests, is perfect for late night drives. Check it.

Golden Eye, naturally synced

“Golden Eyes Forever“, the debut 5-track release from Alec Feld‘s project Golden Eye is described by himself as being about “the disintegration of summer and the construction of the fall months…the cyclic nature of psychosis”. As Fall now makes its presence felt at the cost of Summer’s warmth, this collection of tracks makes for perfect […]

Ernest Gonzales – Self Awakening EP

Ernest Gonzalez is a producer whose specialty lies in the experimental, ambient, electronic realm (He is also the owner of San Antonio’s Exponential Records) In Februrary 2010 , he will be releasing the “Been Meaning to Tell You” LP on LA label Friends of Friends. In anticipation of the release, Friends of Friends and Mr. […]

Album Review: Birds and Batteries – Up To No Good

San Francisco’s Birds and Batteries seems to carve their own genre-less music. Never really being able to classify it, their sound combines the fun of late 70’s freak funk with a detached, studio cool of 80’s R&B. Their new EP, Up To No Good, finds them in new territory which songwriter, Mike Sempert describes as […]

The Mondays: The Diogenes Club – The Ageless

Uk producer, The Diogenes Club, has released his new EP “Do You Know How To Feel It?” via Urban Torque Recordings. Combining hints of Empire of the Sun and Cut Copy, with vocals similar to Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), his first single, “The Ageless,” will get you moving, but wont give you too […]

Japanese Pop Stars Releasing New Album

Britain’s hottest live dance outfit, Japanese Pop Stars, are releasing their new album We Just Are : Live on Gung-Ho Recordings on September 21st. The album was recorded during their world tour over the past year and has all their greatest tunes performed to a hyped-up live crowd, plus new tracks. I have to admit […]

Album Review: Jogger – This Great Pressure

Jogger is an American singer/songwriter duo consisting of Amir Yaghmai on violin and guitar, and Jonathan Larroquette on laptop and controllers, with the vocal duties divided between them. Their sound is very experimental, often building completely new songs from “sonic scraps” to make something you have never heard before. Jogger’s first full-length album, This Great […]

Album Review: Friends of Friends Vol. 2

I never thought I would hear island influenced electronica until I turned on the latest installment of the Friends of Friends Series (check out our review of the 1st one with Daedelus and Jogger), but I’m glad that I did. This tropical sound comes from Swiss duo, Larytta. Larytta released their debut album, Difficult Fun, […]

Music You Need to Hear: Nutrition on Tape – Queen Bee EP

Nutrition on Tape (Matt Howley) is a solo electronic producer/artist based in London. His music blends aspects of IDM, electronica, and post-rock styles whiel using a ton of homemade samples. His debut EP, Queen Bee, was written and produced in a London flat during winter 2008-2009 and contains 4 beautifully crafted tracks that shine bright […]

Compilation: Edges: A New French Electronic Generation

Because Records has collected some tracks from up and coming French producers for a compilation CD called Edges: A New French Electronic Generation On this CD are 16 tracks that dive into the emerging electronica scene that is currently coming from France. Artist include Valerie’s Anoraak, Breakbot and Stereoheroes plus many more, check it out. […]

New Remix: Visitor – Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix)

After posting the Flashmen remix of “Los Feeling” by London Duo Visitor on Friday, I come back Monday to find another remix of that same track from Italian Producer/Remixer Monsieur Adi. Like the Flashmen one, it doesn’t let you down. What caught my attention at first was the beautiful piano parts he has layered in […]

The Year 2020

You don’t find many electronic musicians who play they’re songs live, however, when you do, they sound a lot better than (for the most part) people who press a key. Maybe its the way each instrument works it way into the pocket of the groove, or rather just the presence of a people making you […]

New Remix: Little Man Tate – I Am Alive (Don Diablo Remix)

Don Diablo is back once again with his exclusive remix of “I Am Alive” by Little Man Tate. This remix unfortunately comes with a sad story. Little Man Tate, from Sheffield, has decided to calls it quits after touring the world for the past four years, releasing two albums and having some luck on the […]

Music You Need To Hear: AdamandEvil

AdamandEvil started in Hollywood after Scott Fairbrother and Julian Shah-Tayler from the London band Whitey, moved to the west coast in July 2007. They co wrote their 2nd album, Wrap It Up, whihc gave them placement on such shows as The OC (remember that one?) House, and GTA 4. They are currently working on their […]

Video: Deekline and Wizard – Bounce and Rebound

UK duo Deekline & Wizard (Nick Annand & Greg Fleming ) released their 2nd album Back Up, Coming Through a few months back on Against The Grain Records. Their latest single from the album, Bounce & Rebound, spans multiple genres to include such talents as jungle emcee TopCat, UK hip hop emcee Fallacy, gospel singer […]

New Torublemaker Album – The Maestro

One of my top 2 favorite remixers, Troublemaker, has just released his 2nd album The Maestro. Bordering on the line of hip hop and electronic, The Maestro has 10 solid track on it, some with guest vocalists as well. You can go here to listen to the whole thing, download a copy, or embed the […]

New Mashup: Red-Cent – Two Weeks of the Hard Knocks

Brand new mash-up from a new electronic duo out of Brooklyn called Red-Cent. They have teased us by sending us this Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear mashup. We don’t know much about Red-Cent, but we cant help but dig their mashup style. Peep this track. Look for this track and many more on red-Cent’s Debut LP […]

New Remix: AutoKratz – Can’t Get Enough (Jemex Remix)

The first thing that strikes you about the new Jemex remix, Can’t Get Enough originally of Autokratz fame, is the how much more there is going on. The track is taken to a whole new dance floor, club level with its great mixture of synthetic and live instrument. Jemex has managed to produce yet another […]

Friends of Friends: Remixed

Friends of Friends (FoF) is new record label that has taken a different approach in releasing music. Essentially what FoF does is ask an artist to do some songs for an album, but instead of just 1 artist, the chosen artist must choose a friend to work on the EP with them on top of […]