The first thing that strikes you about the new Jemex remix, Can’t Get Enough originally of Autokratz fame, is the how much more there is going on. The track is taken to a whole new dance floor, club level with its great mixture of synthetic and live instrument. Jemex has managed to produce yet another European electronica influenced club hit, which would be ready at any minute to get the club jumping.

The deconstruction of the autoKratz vocals at the beginning of the track which are sliced and diced and replaced with robotic, slick, pulsating, metallic beats signal the beginning of a dramatic remix and let the listener know that they are in for a delicious, dance filled treat right from the very first note. The deep heavy bass that booms along melodically throughout the track is spot on and is seemingly becoming the key factor in all of Jemex’s great remixes. However, Jemex never lets his technical wizardry, he’s like the Harry Potter of electronica, over power the vocals. The beats laid down are respectful to the autoKratz orginal vocals and only serve to enhance them.

All in all, this is the perfect summer hit either the pre-game drinking or the club itself…

Autokratz – Can’t Get Enough (Jemex Remix)