Because Records has collected some tracks from up and coming French producers for a compilation CD called Edges: A New French Electronic Generation

On this CD are 16 tracks that dive into the emerging electronica scene that is currently coming from France. Artist include Valerie’s Anoraak, Breakbot and Stereoheroes plus many more, check it out.

you can buy the CD here


Rove Dogs – Innocence Lost

1.Breakbot – Penelope Pitstop
2.Donovan – Wonderland
3.Dilemn – Modern Slave
4.Mondkopf – Chaos Is Mine
5.Discodeine – Invert_Parceque
6.Rove Dogs – Home rage slomo (innocence lost)
7.Digitick 84 – Bboy underground
8.Djedjotronic – James
9.Chateau Marmont – Solar Apex
10.Anoraak – Make it Better
11.Gentlemen Drivers – Nationale 66
12.Stereoheroes – Lamborghini Lungs (Spoek & CV)
13.Danger – 88:88 : Stage 3
14.Spitzer – Odessa Spring version
15.Nil Hartman – La datafunk
16.SPA – Piano magic