Beatbox Version of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro

How many female beatboxers do you know? I know of one, and she’s kick ass. Sophia aka Kidd Beatz teamed up with fellow YouTubers Ivana and Jessica to deliver an acappella rendition of Lady Gaga‘s “Alejandro”, featuring Sophia’s beatboxing skills on top. Me like. Happy Monday!

New Lady Gaga Song, ‘You and I’

Lady Gaga performs her new song, “You And I” at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara ball 2010. Its always nice to see Gaga going back to her roots as a singer/songwriter, she has massive tatlent and this songs proves it. enjoY! Lady Gaga – Paparazzi (BettaTraxx Remix)

Weekend Mix: March 19th 2010

Oh What a week it has been. I have been drunk 4 nights of the week so far, possibly a 5th tonight. I’m not at SXSW, Lady Gaga’s ex is suing her for $30M and the weather in NYC is absolutely fu*king amazin’ and will only continue into the weekend. Below are some tunes that […]

Pomplamoose – Lady Gaga’s Telephone

Indie duo Pomplamoose have released a cover of Lady Gaga‘s latest hit, “Telephone”. No, it isn’t a repeat performance of the video, but an indie rendition of the song. Worth the watch (or more appropriately, the listen). Peace, Radio Morillo

Music Video: The Dirty Disco – Sista!

The Dirty Disco are bringing some electro-pop glam in the form of a video for their debut single “Sista!” The tune is definitely catchy, and their attire, well I’ll will let you decide for yourself… What do you think?  Male equivalent of Lady Gaga? enjoY! The Dirty Disco – Sista! (Joystick Disco Remix)

The Lackluster Grammys

So, every year that goes by I feel the Grammys sort of lose their grace.  The thing that irks me the most is the fact that the same artists are nominated for so many different awards. For example, Taylor Swift: 8, Beyonce: 10, BEP: 6. Where is the diversity? There is so much music in […]

Well, the VMA’s Were a bit of a Hot mess…

TV tends to just be background noise for me so it’s a rarity that I’m actually paying attention to the tube. Then last night, after twitter overflowed with tweets about Kanye upstaging poor Taylor Swift,I tuned in. I debated about posting on this but then, I saw that Lil’ Mama tried to upstage Jay-Z and […]

New Remix: Wale (ft. Lady Gaga) – Chillin (The Knocks Remix)

After releasing their first single “Can’t Shake Your Love” a little while back, The Knocks are back with a brand new remix of D.C. EmCEE Wale‘s single “Chillin” The Knocks have totally re-worked the track to give it this disco-pop feel that is nothing like the original. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga is in on this track, […]

Jus Chillin’

So I MUST have been living under a rock for the past month or so to have missed this gem of a track. The uberlicious rapper that is Wale dropped and popped his track “Chillen” ft. Lady Gaga in the beginning of June. The track has a very heavy M.I.A feel coming from Gaga. So […]

Lady Gaga on Ellen

Lady Gaga performed a rendition of her hit “Poker Face” on Ellen which hit the internet yesterday but her official page says she’ll appear today May 12th. Lady Gaga, I’ve been listening to you for a while now. I get your image and that you’re all “new age and spacy” but what’s with the solar […]

Your Weekend Beat Box: Just Dance (Saeglopur Style) – CJ Milli

For your weekend beat. A new mix of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” by Virginia’s very own CJMilli. This is a smoother more whimsical sounding version of the dance floor hit.Think of these key words… dance, warm, flow and journey. Enjoy!Just Dance (Saeglopur Style)- CJ Milli

GaGa on "The View"

So, Lady GaGa preformed on “The View” today and despite having a mild case of the fugs, girl can SING!! This ain’t no Britney voice over shit (Sorry Brit Brit). These are true vocals. Prepped diaphragm and everything. Barbara Streisand/ Christina Aguilera type shit. I don’t understand why after she’s done with her performance, she […]

Lady Gaga – Red and Blue

We’ve gotten our hands on Lady GaGa’s first EP. This was before she was even Lady GaGa! Recorded under her real name Stefani, her EP, “Red and Blue” has a totally different sound than we know Ms. GaGa by today. Soft, sultry, Rocky and ballad-like. Check out a few tracks from “Red and Blue” below. […]

Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Messkid Remix)

New remix from MESSKID of the new Lady Gaga Single – Poker Face Im a fan of this track, its downtempo feel really gives it this deep locked into the groove feel which you don’t find a lot with remixes of these uber pop songs. The dark piano stabs throughout give it this mysterious feel […]

More Lady to make you go GaGa

After listening to Lady GaGa’s song Starstruck, I just had to download her album. I’m a 10 second song listener. In other words, if the first 10 seconds of your song doesn’t catch my attention I click the next button. Lady GaGa’s album The Fame does not disappoint. As we already know, Lady GaGa brings […]