Listen Again: @IAmTheFabian – Last Flight + Remixes

It’s not often that songs get a double post on BoomBoomChick, but LA producer Fabian‘s new single,” Last Flight,” is so good that it deserves some more attention. So peep the original below as well as a stellar set of remixes. enjoY! Fabian – Last Flight (Single)

Welcome: Goldroom (@JoshLegg)

Got some fresh new music for you this tuesday morning. This one comes from Joshua Legg aka Goldroom. If the name sounds familiar its because Mr. Legg is also a part of Boomboomchik favorite, Nightwaves. Goldroom is a little dancier, a bit more downtempo but with the same style that we have come to know […]

Listen: @IAmTheFabian -Puzzle

Up first on this rainy Tuesday is a new tune from Binary artist, Fabian. He is releasing his track, “Puzzle,” one which he recorded when he first joined Binary. The track was so popular that it even made it to the featured song on the GoPro extreme skiing promotional video. The track has a Justice Vibe to it, […]

LexiconDon Releases New Single, ‘Student Body’

Check it. New single from LexiconDon called “Student Body.” Once again their brand of synth-pop sounds so fricking good, not to mention that it is a great song for this great summer. Make sure to check out the rest of their stellar debut album, Pink and Blue, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. Pink […]

Album Review: LexiconDon – Pink and Blue

LexiconDon, part of the Binary Collective in LA, is the synth-pop union of Alex Koons and Fabian Ordorica, a relationship that was forged during a year spent working at Hollywood Sound Studios in 2008. After the meeting, the two started to craft these delicious pop tunes that were inspired by their struggles of getting by […]

Music You Need to Hear: Fabian

You guys definitely need to check out Fabian who is part of the Binary Collective out In LA. He is currently producing LexiconDon‘s album which is set for release in late August. The great thing that I like about Binary is that all their artists have this over arching sound, but yet are unique in […]

Clockwork’s Remixes Pt 2

One last post before i go LA Producer/Remixer Clockwork has added his electro touch to two awesome tracks of lately. Visitor’s “Los Feeling” (Summer Jam of ’09 in my opinion) and Binary’s LexiconDon – Heart Attack. Big fan of both, check it enjoY! Visitor – Los Feeling (Clockwork Remix) LexiconDon – Heart Attack (Clockwork Remix)

First NightWaves Single: She’s Electric + Remixes

Binary Group, NightWaves, is set to release their debut single, “She’s Electric,” via People In the Sky Records. Now you may say, “wait a tick, “She’s Electric” isn’t new, I heard it on BigStero last year.” Well that is correct, it was an older version of the song, but with their first release they have […]

Keenhouse – Civic Transit + Remixes

Those Binary Kids are back once again, ready to fill your ears with beautiful dreamwave music. This time they are pushing Binary cornerstone Producer/Remixer Keenhouse (Ken Rangkuty). We first heard of Keenhouse when he was featured on the Nightwaves mixtape, Dreamwave 2, but what we didn’t know was how accomplished he is. Hailing form Germany, […]

LexiconDon – Hollywood Sound

The kids over at Binary really know what people want to hear, so it was no surprise that i fell in love with the new track they sent from LexiconDon. With some production work from LA producer Fabian, Hollywood Sound opens with a great 8-bit synth line that catches you automatically, and when the vocals […]