Residue is Evil

My friend did the styling on this commercial. Thought I’d give her a plug. She’s a celeb stylist. Check out her work here.

Temporarily Down

BBC music files will not work until I resolve a back-end issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay tuned Shop Girl

Hello Baseball Fans! (and even if you’re not, whatever…) I’ve just been informed by one of our producers at that I’m going to be the New Shop Girl! What does that mean? Basically, it’s like QVC/HSN online for gear. I’ll be showing off our MLB gear in online video segments. Not sure […]

A Proposal…

Every day we get tons of submissions but lately, they’ve mostly been confined to the “electro” genre. As much as I appreciate “electro” and it gets me moving, I think BBC needs a pick me up. With that, this is a call to all mixers, producers, dj’s, artists, mangers and fans out there. Send us […]

Heart Strings Riddim

I’m updating this post because it’s just too good to be missed. A perfect blend of smooth reggae beats called “Heart Strings Riddim” is exactly about what it’s titled, the heart. Broken, bleeding, yearning, angry and lustful this smooth rydhem is “wicked inna” as my friends in Bermuda say. Jam below. I was sent this […]

More Posts Tomorrow

Hey all, Dorry for no posts today, been mad busy with work– plus my computer wouldn’t boot for a good part of the day. I will be back tomorrow with some new tracks for your aural pleasure Dave

Life is real

Got some new vocal/progressive house for you beat fiends. Vicky Fee has been featured on various electronica tracks, and these two are just a sample, but here’s her myspace. Leonid Rudenko feat. Vicky Fee: “Real life (Heikki L remix)” Adiva feat. Vicky Fee: “How does it feel” Enjoy,PirateFunk

Natural High

I haven’t sampled Killerbeatz before, but I will def be sampling more of that flavor after this track. Killbeatz pres: “Natural High” (the vid is neat too – not sure if this is the music video of if someone cut this clip up… either way, solid work) Don’t forget to check out more samples on […]

We own

Hi! It’s come to our attention that our website has been reported by Google as an “attack” site. If you are led to “” by clicking any of the links on our site, do not be alarmed. We own and to our knowledge do not harbor any malicious software on our site. We are […]

A Good Cause: Mongolian Mixtape Marathon

Our Buddies over at Noise Porn, have decided to undertake a great challenge by driving from London To Magnolia in order to raise money for support of the Save the Children charity, working in association with the Mongolian Charity Rally. They will trek 10,000 miles including crossing the Gobi Dessert in rally vehicles to their […]

Donnell or Donell?

If you type Don(n)ell Shawn into Google, you’ll find a medley (pun intended) of unique hits, from R&B/soul blogs to obscure historical figures to the facebook page of high a school girl in Wisconsin. I can’t quite figure out where this soulful cat hails from, but if you or anyone you know knows Donnell or […]

Mind Wall

One of my favorite types of House/Electro music are the songs that have a smooth flowy and cheerful feel to them. Keeping that in mind I stumbled upon an awesome song by Towa Tei. Towa is a Japanese DJ of Korean descent bringing us retro/hip hop and a sultry flow in his song Mind Wall […]

Black Kids + The Twelves

Bored and browsing, I found this mix by The Twelves of Black Kids song I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You. The original is kinda crappy (sorry Kids) but The Twelves remix is awesome. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro em Brasil. I have to give them a shout out. Esta musica […]

Phresh out the inbox… MESSKID

Just got this hot mix of Ace of Base’s classic track All That She Wants by MESSKID who spun at Bungalo 8 this past weekend for the First Lady herself Mrs. Michelle Obama and the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Check out She Wants (MESSKID Skull & Bones Remix) below and feel free to follow his […]

Delinquent & KCat – My Destiny

I heard Delinquent’s song My Destiny ft. KCat last night in Forever 21. Forever is one of those stores in which I always wish I had an iPhone purely for Shazam. Damn you AT&T and your exclusive iPhone contract! Anyway… What’s awesome about this song is that it surprised me. I expected a full out […]