Nutrition on Tape (Matt Howley) is a solo electronic producer/artist based in London. His music blends aspects of IDM, electronica, and post-rock styles whiel using a ton of homemade samples. His debut EP, Queen Bee, was written and produced in a London flat during winter 2008-2009 and contains 4 beautifully crafted tracks that shine bright even if they wont make it to the dancefloor.

You have ambient textures, reverb drenched sounds, beautiful guitar licks and melodic structures that catch your attention upon first listen. All of the tracks are as smooth as cream and the constant variation throughout really keeps your ears engaged. All of these things make this EP a pleasure to listen to no matter where you’re at. This is pure electronica at its greatest

You can download the EP for free here.

Stay tuned for an LP from Nutrition on Tape to be released in 2010.


Nutrition on Tape – Queen Bee (Can’t Stop Me)