Listen: Paradis

French duo Paradis first came on my radar with ultra smoove tracks “La Ballade de Jim” and “Parfait Tirage,” and now it appears they’re about to bust out a new record for us. The guys started work on the new record in South France over a year ago, and yesterday they released the first single. […]

Watch: Real Lies

Not much to say about this one, other than I’m pretty obsessed with it right now. The song. The video. Everything here fits together very well. Looking forward to hearing what these guys release next. Follow MXD SGNLS on Twitter and Facebook, and check out more videos!

Watch: Ivan Ave on MXD SGNLS

When you think of places that appreciate good hip hop, Oslo probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Well, you’re wrong! How could you be so wrong!? Anyway, Ivan Ave is a product of Oslo’s knowledge and appreciation for golden age hip hop, blues, soul, disco, and jazz (a good chunk of golden […]

Watch + Listen: The Swiss

The Swiss (who are actually Australian) have an EP coming out April 21, and today they released a Luke Million remix for “In The City.” I first got familiar with The Swiss in 2009 with the release of their self-titled album. I’ve always wished I was around for disco’s peak in the 70s and, though […]

Listen + Download: Clark Sage

We’ve seen rappers use established “hipster” beats before. Lushlife did it. Perrion did it. Kendrick Lamar loves doing it. Add Clark Sage to the list. I truly don’t know much about Sage. Either it’s someone that’s been around the game for a while using a new hip hop alias, or this is Sage’s first real […]

Listen: Erased Tapes Records

Last November I had the pleasure of welcoming Nils Frahm into the Newtown Radio studio for my weekly show, MXD SGNLS. Frahm was in NYC promoting his LP, Spaces, and later played a set at Manhattan’s Le Poisson Rouge. At the time I was pretty unfamiliar with Frahm and his label, Erased Tapes. Since then, […]

Watch + Listen: Tame Impala Is the World’s Best Cover Band

I now believe Tame Impala, psych-rock purveyors from Perth, are the world’s best cover band. As someone who has had to deal with a lot of terrible cover bands (shout out to the one night I spent in Stamford, CT), I’m pretty confident in my claim. Even though I’m pretty sure they’ve only publicly covered […]

Watch: Favored Nations

Anyone involved with music press will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the music that gets sent to your inbox each day. There seem to be more bands and public relations agencies than ever before, and it’s a full-time job just to listen to all the new stuff that comes […]

Watch + Listen: Trust

Joyland, the sophomore LP from Trust, comes out today on Arts & Crafts. The musical output of Toronto resident Robert Alfons lies somewhere between synthpop and gothwave. Regardless of the genre the music falls into, there’s no denying this second album finds Trust in more of the mood to dance. Stream “Capitol” below, and purchase Joyland […]

Watch + Listen: SHAMS

Friday seems like a good day to play disco music, so I’m busting out some SHAMS, AKA Brooklyn resident Jonathan Coward. I think his brand of electronic disco is best-suited for being outside in the warm weather, probably near a body of water. Right now it’s 21 degrees in NYC… STILL, I absolutely love listening to […]

Listen: Darius

The French know how to make the smoothest electronic music. There’s not much debate needed on this topic, in my opinion. If you’re unsure, check Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Lifelike, and maybe even that Daft Punk duo. If you’re like me, you probably enjoy some smooth French electronic music to get you hyped for the […]

Listen: Sieren

Several weeks ago I was up way too late on a work night desperately trying to find the focus to get some things done online. Generally, music helps motivate me to do better work while I sit and stare at a screen, but this night I was struggling. All of a sudden, I was looking […]

Watch + Listen: Badboxes

Having grown up in Cincinnati, I’ve been conditioned to hate pretty much everything about Pittsburgh. I’ve decided to make an exception for Badboxes, though. The band has only been around a short time, but are determined to make noise in the music scene quickly. They just released a deluxe version of their EP, “JSMN,” which you can […]

Watch + Listen: Perfect Pussy

Perfect Pussy formed in Syracuse and enjoy rocking the fuck out. They’ve already garnered attention from the likes of Pitchfork and Elle, and excitement is building for their Captured Tracks-released debut LP coming March 18. It’s cold outside (at least in NYC), and I know a lot of people are angry about winter and the snow […]

BoomBoomChik + MXD SGNLS

Hey all! I’m excited to announce I’ll be joining Jemex in contributing to BoomBoomChik. I’m looking forward to adding my own flavor to the site. There’s just too much music out there, so my goal is to make finding the good stuff a bit easier for you. For the last three years I’ve been operating […]