Loving these tunes from Australian singer/songwriter Brice Sedgwick. He recently released his debut album, Pacifo, and it is just chock full of good, solid tunes. Taking musical cues from hip hops beats and industrial synths, to bluegrass mandolins and psychedelic rock, his alternative pop sounds has gotten us feeling good over here.

We had a chance to check out a few songs from Pacifico and we were fans. The two tracks were “Tortoiseshell Sky,” which feature sleepy hiphop beats, cinematic strings and some psychedelic rock guitar and “Midnight in Echo” (an ode to Echo Park in LA), which is much more uptempo but still keeps those cinematic strings while mixing some piano and a nice dose of pop. Listening to Pacifco, I can definitely hear the musical talent Sedgwick has and is waiting to be released.

Listen to two track from Brice below (“Tortoiseshell Sky” and “Midnight In Echo”) and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you like pick up Brice Sedgwick from your favorite digital retailer.


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