Ernest Gonzalez is a producer whose specialty lies in the experimental, ambient, electronic realm (He is also the owner of San Antonio’s Exponential Records)

In Februrary 2010 , he will be releasing the “Been Meaning to Tell You” LP on LA label Friends of Friends. In anticipation of the release, Friends of Friends and Mr. Gonzales will be releasing the “Self-Awakening” EP featuring two original tracks, and remixes/covers by Faunts, Take, CYNE, Mexicans with Guns and Yppah!

According to Mr. Gonzales himself, “The title Self Awakening refers to the final scene of the film [Vanilla Sky] when the main character, David, needs to make a choice to continue living in a lucid dream or overcome a giant fear to live in the real world. ‘The sweet is never as sweet without the sour’ -these words are some of the last bits of advice given to David…a very resonating message in my mind”.

While you listen to the song you can head how simple yet powerful the guitar can be with the beautiful electornica arrangement in the back. The percussion on the track is pretty detailed and adds plenty of variation. It definitely illustrates what Mr. Gonzalez was talking about at the end Of Vanilla Sky, the song is a lucid dream but yet speeds up like it wants to remove you from this surreal state and bring you into the world we know.

Besides the title track, there is also another original tune form him that is equally as good. Also make sure to check out the Mexican with Guns Remix who dirty it up a bit and the Cyne Remix of another Gonzales track, “Upon the 49th Day” which adds some awesome rhymes over the remix–definitely my favorite remix on the album


Ernest Gonzales – Self Awakening

Ernest Gonzales – I’m Here You’re There (Mexicans with Guns Remix)