Fresh Trance

Whatup whatup folks… I went missing again. So much has been going down here in New York, and the music just never stops! Let’s get straight to it. Here’s some fresh trance that I’ve been rinsing lately. I’ll post some house vibes in the next post. Paco Ymar – Evolution (Jonas Steur remix) Ashley Wallbridge […]

Ah.. spring vibes

Electronica is one genre that I believe – like Jazz – has a certain structure, but various artists are taking that structure and evolving it to different levels. DJ Tatana is one of these artists. She makes progressive and vocal beats that make me think twice about whether I’d mix her tracks into a house […]

Back with upliftments

Once again, I’ve had a leave of absence here at Boom Boom – sincere apologies for the silence. I’m happy that Dave, Valerie and crew have kept everyone afloat with the good vibes. While I’ve been gone, I’ve started my own Twitter, completely focused on playlisting tracks I listen to, so be sure to stop […]

Smooth, but Unforgivable

I forgot to divulge a remix for Unforgivable, by Armin Van Buuren feat. Jaren. This one is long overdue. Here’s the First State Smooth remix:

Bittersweet Vibes

I went to see Markus Schulz @ Pacha NYC last weekend – epic show. He seemed to have hit up every big tune of the week, including his very own remix of Bittersweet Nightshade. Presenting: Mike Foyle – Bittersweet Nightshade (Markus Schulz Return To Coldharbour Remix). I’m still not sure what the lyrics are, but […]

I want you

It’s been a minute since I’ve said anything here – many apologies folks. I have been keeping busy, but I have had my headphones with me all the way, so some major tune-age for y’all. Heard this on the Signalrunners’ guest mix on Above and Beyond’s weekly radio show, Trance Around the World. Here’s Andrew […]