M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Video)

She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack. With a not-so-new tune, but she’s back! M.I.A.’s video for “Bad Girls”, which appeared on her Vicki Leekx mixtape is out. Directed by Romain Gavras, who directed her video “Born Free”, “Bad Girls” features lots of car stunts, gyrating, and desert. Good stuff.

NEW AudioDax (@AudioDax) – Pop Rocks Mixtape

                        Summertime seems to be the season of choice for the boys of AudioDax; this time last year, we were jamming to their debut mixtape, The Annexation and in time for this year’s summer festivities, Temble and Krypton-FLO have released their second effort, Pop […]

Debilos – Turn My Clock

Josh Fontan and Joan Pedrosa, otherwise known as the Spanish beatmaking outfit Debilos, have released their first record called “Turn My Clock”, which includes the original mix featuring Norwegian singer Anqui as well as three remixes. It’s a beautiful, soulful record with elements of jazz, bossa nova and crazy drum loops. A tight track, and […]

Los Rakas (@losrakas) & Mala Rodriguez (@malarodriguez) @ SOBs 2/15/2011

Happy Valentine’s Day, cos our favorite Panamanian boys from the Bay Area join up with a Spanish rapper so bad she goes by the name “Mala” are performing together @ SOBs in NYC this Tuesday February 15th.  Los Rakas and Mala Rodriguez are sure to hit you with some rhythms and raps that’ll leave you […]

Welcome: Backpack Jax (@Mauikai_BPJ)

My girl Dana put me onto hip hop duo Backpack Jax, currently based in Nantes, France (by way of Miami). After putting their French written biography through Google Translate, I learned that Backpack Jax – Mauikai and Boogie Monsta – are influenced by jazz and the sounds of their respective backgrounds (Cuban and Iraqi respectively), […]

AudioDax – Thoughts (Crystal Castles Remix)

Fresh kids of hip-hop AudioDax are back with their interpretation of Crystal Castles’ song “Empathy”, entitled “Thoughts”. It’s off of a forthcoming mixtape of remixes and song covers of their favorite artists. Check it. Peace, Radio M.

Introducing Blitz the Ambassador

Upon listening to Blitz the Ambassador‘s album, Stereotype, you can almost swear you are listening to a modern rendition of Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” method. You are hit with live instruments including a brass section (!); certainly, there are emcees out there that utilize musicians in their albums, but something needs to be said […]

Introducing Los Rakas

I’m old school (read: broke): I have a five-year-old iPod mini which holds only 4G worth of music and each day it holds less and less. My struggle to fit new music means old jams head out the door and I am happily deleting TONS of songs to make way for the equal amount of […]

Introducing Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock. Photo Credit: Victoria Ruan I’m always amazed at the things I find when I’m not even trying. Not that the road to Adam WarRock was as easy as a Genius suggestion on iTunes; he’s not even on iTunes as far as I know. It started with me following the FakeAPStylebook on Twitter, which […]

BLEE – Serenade

Check out this new find straight out of BoomBoomChik’s inbox. A Londoner by way of Montserrat, Blee (an acronym for “Black Lion of Eternal Excellence” – a little over-indulgent, we must admit) is a rapper by trade, something that wouldn’t be quite apparent to the listener. He half sings half raps over an electropop track […]

Bocafloja feat. Hache ST – Testigo

One of my friends is really the socially conscious, good, simple beats, keeps your head boppin’ kind of hip hop and his latest find, Bocafloja‘s “Testigo”, has me reeling.  Bocafloja (Spanish for “Loose Mouth”) is a poet, MC, and social activist from Mexico City who currently divides his time in NYC, California, and Mexico.  He […]