You don’t find many electronic musicians who play they’re songs live, however, when you do, they sound a lot better than (for the most part) people who press a key. Maybe its the way each instrument works it way into the pocket of the groove, or rather just the presence of a people making you dance rather than a bright shining apple.

Leeds band, 2020Soundsystem is a perfect example of that. Instead of recording a track then re-playing them live, 2020Soundsystem always put the live gigs first, long before the sounds become songs.

The idea was built around Danny ‘Dubble D’ Ward and Argentinean duo Fernando Pulichino and Julian Sanza jamming live over DJ Ralph Lawson’s dub track records. This led to their first album, No Order, which was a live set recorded at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. For their 2nd album, Falling, due out September 21st, the band has worked to capture the energy and flow of their live performance and translate it to the record.

At first listen 2020Soundsystem reminds me of Cut Copy. With its sweet reverbed guitars, 80’s style synths and soft delicate vocals that don’t overpower the song, 2020soundsystem definitely locks you into a groove that just makes you want to chill out and enjoy life– I’m sure Falling will make me enjoy it even more.

Check out this unreleased version of “Satellite” off their soon-to-be released album, Falling


2020Soundsystem – Satellite (Unreleased Album Version)