Golden Eyes Forever“, the debut 5-track release from Alec Feld‘s project Golden Eye is described by himself as being about “the disintegration of summer and the construction of the fall months…the cyclic nature of psychosis”.

As Fall now makes its presence felt at the cost of Summer’s warmth, this collection of tracks makes for perfect commiseration, nostalgia at our own entrapment in cycles. Tireless loops meshed with sleepy vocals, punchy drum-beats startling the calm, Golden Eye’s mantra “the Woods are our Beach” makes sense relative to its contrast, sound.

Golden Eye’s next release is expected in the Spring, one can wonder at what the next cycle will tell.

In the meantime,

grab the tracks for free and keep an eye on Feld’s other project Expensive Looks, which is set for a full-length release later in the year.

Heartache by goldeneyes