About Boom Boom Chik

BoomBoomChik was born in October 2008. Since then, with the sporadic help from some musically eclectic friends, we’ve been boppin’ our heads on a daily basis to new music from across the globe.  We try to focus on the small guys because we know how easy it is to have good music go unnoticed these days.

Radio Morillo has been writing for BoomBoomChik since November 2008. A classically trained vocalist, she began her music career at age eleven when she recorded an entire acapella album and submitted it to Shakira’s record label in hopes of stardom. She’s performed in New York City and her writing has been featured in Southeast Asia’s premier music publication Junk Magazine. When not writing, she posts song covers of bossa nova and jazz standards on YouTube to keep herself young. Follow Radio Morillo on Twitter (@radiomorillo)