San Francisco’s Birds and Batteries seems to carve their own genre-less music. Never really being able to classify it, their sound combines the fun of late 70’s freak funk with a detached, studio cool of 80’s R&B.

Their new EP, Up To No Good, finds them in new territory which songwriter, Mike Sempert describes as “a spooky-funky adventure” heavily influenced by Bowie’s Scary Monsters, P-Funk and John Carpenter films, a great combination in my book.

As you listen to the EP’s 5 track, you get to see why you can really classify their music into a specific genre. Every thing from arpeggiated basslines, to crunchy delicious guitars, very “full” vocals, and overall funkiness, each track is different from the next. Their music is not really made for the dancefloor, but does provide a decent listening experience.

The one thing that caught my ears, was they way they produces the vocals. You can tell layers upon layers of vocals make the lyrics really stand out while providing some ambient atmospheres at the same time.

My favorite track was the oddball of the EP, “Lightning UTNG Version.” Not sure if this is original or a remix, but this track was the closest thing you would find from these guys that will make it on the dancefloor– Heavy, crunchy, dark electro pop.

IF your in a for new experience, check out these guys.


Birds and Batteries – The Villian