Coachella 2010: Day 3

The final day of Coachella was quite tame compared to the rest. As we wake up we see that our neighbors are starting to pack up their campsite so that they can leave a little later after most of the show. This is sad because we are staying over Sunday night, leaving early Monday morning. […]

Boom Boom Chik’s Top 10 Albums of 2009

so 2009 was an interesting year in the music world. In my opinion we witnessed a changing industry, one that will make great leaps and strides in the next decade. We saw the emergence of artists taking a more DIY approach with the available technologies at hand. We saw an increase in digital music sales, […]

Little Boots – Remedy Remixes

I totally forgot to post these, but finally here they are, I don’t think these need any explaining. enjoY! Little Boots – Remedy (Rusko Remix)Little Boots – Remedy (Disco Bloodbath Remix)Little Boots – Remedy (Criazy Cousinz remix)Little Boots – Remedy (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains Remix)

Album Review: Little Boots – Hands

So I got a copy of Hands, Little Boots’ new LP, and after listening to the whole album, I was like “ehh.” Now, you would think that the album would be amazing because everyone has been hyping LB up. Don’t get me wrong she is very talented (her first US show @ Studio B in […]

Little Boots: "New In Town"

Loving Little Boots song “New in Town” will it be her second single after “Meddle“? Check out the video for “New in Town” below.

Afternoon Vibrations

I know this track has been posted all over the place but it’s good. I love Little Boots and Clap Mike’s Amour Remix is hott.Yes with two T’s! He’s French. No Surprise there when you listen to this track. For more of Clap Mike’s hottness check out his MySpace page. Bon apetite!

Dont Meddle With My Mind

Got a track from Little Boots, a producer from The Uk. She has recently release an EP entitled Arecibo This female producer, who by the way is Absolutely GORGEOUS!, has some pretty Catchy Stuff. One song, Meddle, will for sure stick in your head for a while. The songs opens with some 2-step crunchy drums […]