TV tends to just be background noise for me so it’s a rarity that I’m actually paying attention to the tube. Then last night, after twitter overflowed with tweets about Kanye upstaging poor Taylor Swift,I tuned in. I debated about posting on this but then, I saw that Lil’ Mama tried to upstage Jay-Z and Alicia and decided that the VMA’s just went to hell. What is this? The recording communities version of a gang war? Then you had Gaga prancing around with a wreath on her head and a blood packet dripping from her chest. Not to mention her covered face when she accepted her new artist award. What is this?!

MTV has already shot to shit with it’s zillion reality shows and 0 music videos (RIP TRL *sniff sniff*). The VMA’s is the ONE shot a year we have to honor the videos that are never ever shown on the network. Why ya’ll gotta ruin it by making statements and shit?

Oh and um, a message to those “upstagers”…
Kanye, oh Kanye. We love your music but you’re a major asshole. You’re almost as famous as you think you are. Lil’ Mama, much love but girl you needed speech lessons after your first season of “America’s best Dance Crew”. I’d keep is classy and sassy just a lil’ while longer before you start messin’ with the J to the Z.

P.s. Props to Beyonce for giving Taylor her moment.

In a convo on this topic…

Tesfa: I’m initiating a music industry feud with this Kanye thing
everyones all like Kanye’s mean blah blah blah
im like shut the f up
maybe now music will get 1,000,000 views instead of a fucking cat waking up
me: he just think’s he’s more famous thatn he is
Tesfa: no
why is everyone on this he thinks hes this
\he made a point
we all know these award shows are croc
and we put up with it
he said wat mad people are thinking
Beyonce got passed over and MTv decided to head him out by switching to her video as the winner for BEST video
effing BS
folks need to get off that ‘Kanye did this’ train, and actually understand what he was saying.
and more musicians should be like this
out there
in your face
make the industry mean somthing again
the last big ride we got from the industry was the whole mp3 crack dwon by metallica
and trust me, That added to the loss of sales for EVERYBODY
Sent at 2:47 PM on Monday
Tesfa: no one noticed that whilee Napster was popping there were waaaaay more new artists discovered, concerts and tours became million dollar deals due to awareness and peoplee hearing something (for free)
then going to that musicians show
so IM a go on any blog and disagree with any reply
good or bad
just to keep the focus on MUSIC
and not peoples stupid pet tricks

What are your thoughts?