So, Lady GaGa preformed on “The View” today and despite having a mild case of the fugs, girl can SING!! This ain’t no Britney voice over shit (Sorry Brit Brit). These are true vocals. Prepped diaphragm and everything. Barbara Streisand/ Christina Aguilera type shit. I don’t understand why after she’s done with her performance, she gives the crowd such a mousy “thank you”. Come on GaGa you gotta do better than that if you’re gonna be a true pop star!

Update: I just watched this all the way through and before they do a camera close up of her face, she put’s on her big jeweled sunglasses. Aww, who wrote that into her performance? It’s part of her image huh? Yeah, right… whatever girl you can SING. I love your music.

Source: Drunken Stepfather