So I MUST have been living under a rock for the past month or so to have missed this gem of a track. The uberlicious rapper that is Wale dropped and popped his track “Chillen” ft. Lady Gaga in the beginning of June. The track has a very heavy M.I.A feel coming from Gaga. So much so that if I didn’t see Gaga in the video, I would have forgotten that M.I.A has “retired”. I guess this track it shows Gaga’s versatility? Humm… I’m not sure how I feel about Gaga spurting M.I.A flava…(psst M.I.A puhleze UN-retire!).

Wale‘s rap and lyrics are phresh (yes with a P! don’t hate). I could definitely jam to this with my drop top down cruzin to the beat. That’s if I had a car… or even a license. ::shifty eyes::

Check out Wale’s “Chillin'” ft. Lady Gaga below.

P.s. I attempted to check out Wale’s mix tape but the link through the official music video no longer works. If you can pass along a link to his mixtape, it would be much appreciated!