Lady Gaga performed a rendition of her hit “Poker Face” on Ellen which hit the internet yesterday but her official page says she’ll appear today May 12th. Lady Gaga, I’ve been listening to you for a while now. I get your image and that you’re all “new age and spacy” but what’s with the solar orbit going on around your head? I can handle the bow made out of synthetic hair, your pretty sweet clear piano and even the plastic bubble outfit you wear on tour but an orbit?! Let’s come back down to Earth just a little bit. Your first “look” is so drastic, what’s gonna happen for your next album? I think you’ll give us a heart attack even if you “dress down” whatever that means…

Check out Lady Gaga’s pretty sweet rendition of “Poker Face” below.

P.S. The random guy flailing his arms made me laugh hysterically. Ahh :).