Hey all! I’m excited to announce I’ll be joining Jemex in contributing to BoomBoomChik. I’m looking forward to adding my own flavor to the site. There’s just too much music out there, so my goal is to make finding the good stuff a bit easier for you.

For the last three years I’ve been operating my own show on Newtown Radio called MXD SGNLS. The show focuses on bringing good new music to the masses, regardless of genre. Recent in-studio guests have included Dirty Beaches, Les Savy Fav, Beacon, Sango, Braids, TEEN, Cadence Weapon, and many others. I also produce videos with some of those good musicians when they roll through NYC. So keep on visiting this site, but also follow the MXD SGNLS action using the links below:

MXD SGNLS Facebook
MXD SGNLS Audio Archive on Newtown Radio

Ok, with the intro out of the way I can just focus on posting good music for ya’ll. Stay tuned…