so 2009 was an interesting year in the music world. In my opinion we witnessed a changing industry, one that will make great leaps and strides in the next decade. We saw the emergence of artists taking a more DIY approach with the available technologies at hand. We saw an increase in digital music sales, showing that it is where the future at. Generation Y re-discovered the gems of the past such as vinyl and cassette tapes. We saw mash-ups and collaborations between different artists/genres that we never thought would work. (i.e Spirit of Apollo) We saw that anyone, no matter how they act or look, can be a star.  We saw Lady Gaga in all her glory. We lost a lot of people during the summer, including music icons that will be remembered till the end of time. 2009 also showed us that video  games and music go together like white on rice, and the it will only evolve as the gaming technology changes how we interact with the games at hand.

We also saw endless amounts of music from all over the world. Out of that music we’ve have weeded down our top 10 favorite albums for 2009. So, here they are in no particular order.


Artist: Phoenix

Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Release Date: May 26

Artist:Fear of Tigers

Album: Cossus Snufsigalonica

Release Date: December 1st

Artist: N.A.S.A.

Album: The Spirit of Apollo

Release Date: January 28th


Album: Blakroc

Release Date: November 27th


Album: Fantasies

Release Date: April 7th

Artist:Awesome New Republic

Album: Hearts

Release Date: October 27th

Artist:Speech Debelle

Album: Speech Therapy

Release Date: May 31st

Artist:Little Boots

Album: Hands

Release Date: June 8th

Artist: Crystal Method

Album: Divided by Night

Release Date: May 12th


Album: Kaleidoscope

Release Date: October 6th