Our Buddies over at Noise Porn, have decided to undertake a great challenge by driving from London To Magnolia in order to raise money for support of the Save the Children charity, working in association with the Mongolian Charity Rally. They will trek 10,000 miles including crossing the Gobi Dessert in rally vehicles to their final destination of Mongolia where they will give away educational materials as well as clothing to the Mongolian people.

Now, what do you do when your driving that much? Listen to music of Course! That’s why Noise Porn is asking any and all DJs to submit mix tapes (as well as a small donation) that will keep them going on their long trip. The mixes will be podcasted during the trip for the world to hear.

It sounds like a great idea, and experience. Stop over at the site to get more details and instructions on how to submit your mix.

Mongolian Mixtape Marathon