One of my friends is really the socially conscious, good, simple beats, keeps your head boppin’ kind of hip hop and his latest find, Bocafloja‘s “Testigo”, has me reeling.  Bocafloja (Spanish for “Loose Mouth”) is a poet, MC, and social activist from Mexico City who currently divides his time in NYC, California, and Mexico.  He is a known fixture in the underground hip hop scene and has started an artist collective known as QuilomboArte which organizes workshops that use hip hop as an agent for social and political change as well as an educational tool.

His new song, “Testigo”, features QuilomboArte’s Hache ST, an NYC based rapper.  You need not understand the words to infer what they are talking about based on their tone and the look of the video. This track is simply fresh. Oh, and if any of you feel inclined to use the word “Dope” this would be a good time to use it.

Here’s Bocafloja and Hache ST with “Testigo”:

peace and love,