So after listening to producer/artist, ex gymnist, G.H. Hat a few days ago, we couldnt stop thinking of that ‘Joyogistic’ track. So, here we are again, hitting u up with another tune from him. You know that this trip-hop vibing track is good when you have over 400k listens on Soundcloud.

The track, tittled “Primal”, is a dark and sexy tune that once again reminds me of a video game… this one being Tron, waiting to caputre me and bring me to The Grid. Listening to this track also lets me get more into G.H. Hats muscianship, there are so many intricate parts/melodies going on all over the place that it takes few listens to truely hear everything. Have to say that this guys has some chops and def want to hear more form him.

Check out the track below and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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