Got a really cool track for you from G.H. Hat, a multi-genre composer and remixer. This ex-gymnist makes music for ‘Joyogism’, the long lost art of slow movement (exercise, stretch, dance) to a fast beat.

He sent us over his latest jam to check out called “Joyogistic” and the best way to describe it is like physical journey that must be conquered. It starts off by building you up, getting you ready for the journey, then bam, you take off not stopping until your done. It was almost like I was inside a video game trying to make it to the next level. After listening to the track a few times I definitely understand what G.H Hat is trying to do.

Stream “Joyogistic” below below and leave your thoughts in the comments, if you like it make sure to look for the video to acoompany this song in the near future.


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