A brand new mixtape from Boston-bases singer-songwriter Joy was certainly not what I was expecting on a dreary Tuesday afternoon in New York City. This time last year, Joy released her follow up release, Electric Soul Music. It was not the follow up to 2006’s fresh and unapologetically catchy debut, Set Free, that I was hoping for, but her new mixtape The Storm has done away with that. Joy and her producer, Harold ‘levelsoundz’ Shawn, have put together a stellar EP of three original songs, two interludes, a song cover (“Blackbird” by The Beatles) and a retake on Kanye West’s 2010 smash “Monster” called “Monster: Runaway”. The sound of this mixtape better represents Joy’s eclectic mix of “electric soul music” than last year’s album did. Joy has taken it back to showcasing where her skills lie: writing infectious, sophisticated, and uplifting songs that will move a crowd in a club, on the radio, or live.

Joy’s “The Storm” mixtape is available on Bandcamp for FREE by clicking HERE.