Singer-songwriter Joy just released her sophomore album today, Electric Soul Music, for FREE online. Electric Soul Music (or “ESM” as it is otherwise known) is three years in the making; Joy released her debut album, Set Free, in 2006 and has since been performing, writing, and recording. Aside from ESM is a-lot edgier and more rock-hard than its predecessor, Joy has also grown vocally. ESM’s edginess comes at the expense of not showcasing Joy’s great songwriting capabilities, which were captured in Set Free‘s songs. However songs such as R&B inspired “Presence” and the strong, multi-layered track “Closer” are sure to show you what Joy can do. This album will surely get you on your feet and you will moving your head along to every track.

Click HERE to download Electric Soul Music for FREE. Be sure to grab a copy of Joy’s first album, Set Free, out on iTunes.


Radio Morillo (Follow Radio Morillo on Twitter: @radiomorillo)