Single: The Black Ghosts – Diamonds

So glad to see that The Black Ghosts are coming out with a new album. Their first album, their self-titled debut, found the duo exploring the electro world of indie pop, and to this day, is still up there as one of my favorite album

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The ROAR (@iamtheroar) – Drake & Radiohead Smashup
















The ROAR is at it again: this latest smashup combines two unlikely artists – Drake and Radiohead in a jam called “Falling for Your Hearing Damage”. What’s impressive about The ROAR’s smashup series is how he completely redoes the songs – he plays

Björk – Road to Crystalline Teaser Video

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Icelandic songstress Björk just released a teaser video of her upcoming single, “Road to Crystalline”, from her forthcoming album, Biophilia. The release date of the album has not been

Joy (@joyforthepeople) – The Storm Mixtape

A brand new mixtape from Boston-bases singer-songwriter Joy was certainly not what I was expecting on a dreary Tuesday afternoon in New York City. This time last year, Joy released her follow up release, Electric Soul Music. It was not the follow up

Video: Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

Check out the new video to Sleigh Bell’s track “Rill Rill”


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Single: Grafton Primary – The Eagle + Remixes

Sydney’s electro-rock outfit, Grafton Primary, recently released a new track titled “The Eagle.” They sent it over to us with a  few remixes for you to check out.


The Eagle

The Eagle (Sam La More Remix)

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Michele Wylen (@michelewylen) Gimme Gimme – (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix)(Empire Funky Bassahchero Edit)

Holy scheisse is all I have to say about this song. The original version of Michele Wylen’s “Gimme Gimme” is electrfying enough – it’s Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” meets ATC’s “Around the World” meets The Fire and Reason’s “SugarKoma”, i.e. pure fun. Now enter

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69 Year Old DJ Mamy Rock – Still Rocking

2010 has brought us an onslaught of really talented DJs, but for obvious reasons we tip our hats to Ruth Flowers aka DJ Mamy Rock, a 69 year old grandmother from Bristol who has become a sensation. She was introduced to dance music