Single: The Black Ghosts – Diamonds

So glad to see that The Black Ghosts are coming out with a new album. Their first album, their self-titled debut, found the duo exploring the electro world of indie pop, and to this day, is still up there as one of my favorite album of the nuaghties. What made their sound […]

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The ROAR (@iamtheroar) – Drake & Radiohead Smashup
















The ROAR is at it again: this latest smashup combines two unlikely artists – Drake and Radiohead in a jam called “Falling for Your Hearing Damage”. What’s impressive about The ROAR’s smashup series is how he completely redoes the songs – he plays all of the instruments (including vocals), writes […]

Björk – Road to Crystalline Teaser Video

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Icelandic songstress Björk just released a teaser video of her upcoming single, “Road to Crystalline”, from her forthcoming album, Biophilia. The release date of the album has not been confirmed, but if the single is any […]

Joy (@joyforthepeople) – The Storm Mixtape

A brand new mixtape from Boston-bases singer-songwriter Joy was certainly not what I was expecting on a dreary Tuesday afternoon in New York City. This time last year, Joy released her follow up release, Electric Soul Music. It was not the follow up to 2006’s fresh and unapologetically catchy debut, […]

Video: Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

Check out the new video to Sleigh Bell’s track “Rill Rill”


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Single: Grafton Primary – The Eagle + Remixes

Sydney’s electro-rock outfit, Grafton Primary, recently released a new track titled “The Eagle.” They sent it over to us with a  few remixes for you to check out.


The Eagle

The Eagle (Sam La More Remix)

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Michele Wylen (@michelewylen) Gimme Gimme – (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix)(Empire Funky Bassahchero Edit)

Holy scheisse is all I have to say about this song. The original version of Michele Wylen’s “Gimme Gimme” is electrfying enough – it’s Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” meets ATC’s “Around the World” meets The Fire and Reason’s “SugarKoma”, i.e. pure fun. Now enter Assemble the Empire with a dizzying remix […]

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69 Year Old DJ Mamy Rock – Still Rocking

2010 has brought us an onslaught of really talented DJs, but for obvious reasons we tip our hats to Ruth Flowers aka DJ Mamy Rock, a 69 year old grandmother from Bristol who has become a sensation. She was introduced to dance music when she accompanied her grandson to a […]

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