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Video: A&L Hot Mess (ft: Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie)

New music comes from Buffalo, NY seasoned duo A&L. Melding the musical talents of Anthony Casuccio, a season music industry veteran, and Lana Marie, an award-winning vocalist, they create some fun and poppy tunes.

They sent us over their latest single to checkout called

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Listen: Candy-O

If you like The Cars, then Candy-O is for you. This Portland The Cars cover band, has it all and sounds pretty good too. Check out the video below and let us know if you think they are spot on with their covers



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Listen: Da Nomads

We here at BBC love hearing some fresh new sounds, and Brooklyn duo, Da Nomads, got just that. Composed of Conplex & Billboard Brucee, the two have been making some noise in the the new york hip-hop underground scene. With their energy packed

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  • Setto music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Setto – All of These

Next up on our hip hop playlist is Nigerian-born rapper Setto. This 24 year old artist has been gaining more and more fans for the past 6 years getting his records heard from New York to Atlanta and all the way down to

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Video: Tariq – What U Want

Case of the Mondays? Fear not, Washington D.C. RnB crooner, vocalists and songwriter, Tariq, is here to give you your Monday morning a boost with his latest tune, “What U Want.”

Tariq is not stranger to the music scene, he has recorded songs

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  • sallok-and-james

Listen: Sallok & James

And the last tune for the day comes from British electronic/soul duo Sallok & James. Respectively, the duo has been working in the music industry for the past 20 years. Sallok is a former Italian producer and Dj while James has been a

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Video: As the Tide Goes By – Scott Taylor

Today’s tune comes from Scott Taylor, a DC-born r&b/soul singer-songwriter. Singing his heart out since he was 6 years old, he sent us over the video to his latest single titled “As the Tide Goes By.”

The tune has this trippy, laidback vibe

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Mixtape: Angels (A_F) Follow – Psycho Society 1 (Chronicles Of The Fl3$H)

Some more new music for you today comes from Houston artist, Angels (A_F) Follow. he sent us over his debut mixtape, title “Psycho Society 1 “Chronicles Of The Fl3$H” which has some solid rhymes and beats. Have to admit, Angels (A_F) Follow definitely

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  • the-last-word-benders

Video: The Last Word Benders – I Need an Adult (ft. A.D. Weighs)

Kick up your Sunday with some awesome new music from hip hop-electronic group, The Last Word Benders. They sent us over the video to their latest single called “I Need an Adult” and from the 1st second we were loving it. It opens

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Single: Thirsty – God Bless America

Today’s fresh sound comes from London-based rock group, Thirsty. The band began as a songwriting collaboration between an English rock musician, Guy Bailey and Russian poet, Irina D. Guy started to infuse his early punk, psychedelic and arthouse sensibilities with Irina’s absorbing

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