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Video: A&L Hot Mess (ft: Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie)

New music comes from Buffalo, NY seasoned duo A&L. Melding the musical talents of Anthony Casuccio, a season music industry veteran, and Lana Marie, an award-winning vocalist, they create some fun and poppy tunes.

They sent us over their latest single to checkout called

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Listen: Candy-O

If you like The Cars, then Candy-O is for you. This Portland The Cars cover band, has it all and sounds pretty good too. Check out the video below and let us know if you think they are spot on with their covers



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Single: Sain – Dust

New tune for your weekend comes from Miami hip hop artist, Sain. Since a young age he had a fondness for Hip Hop culture and, in particular, Rap music. With rhymes always on his mind, his travels between Miami and Dubai helped shape

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Listen: Nascarr Nat – Designer

Bronx via the ATL artist, Nascarr Nat blends quality hip-hop that echoes the grit and textural grooves of old school while adding a fresh taste of new school hiphop and production. He sent us over his latest single “Designer” to check out and

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  • Lily Lambert music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Lily Lambert – I Forgive You by

Time to take it down a notch with a new tune from folk singer/songwriter, Lily Lambert, This English born artist pursued her musical dream after graduating Law School and moving to NYC where she performed in NY musicals and Off-Broadway production all the

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  • Giant the Artist

EP: Giant, the Artist – The Ocean

Got some fresh tunes for you today from NY artist, GiANT, the Artist. GiANT sent us over his latest album (and fourth full featured one), The Ocean, to check out and what we found was A+ quality originality and musicianship.

The EP has

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  • Marwan Mauric music on BoomBoomChik

Video: Marwan Maurice – I Can’t

Saturday’s tune come from singer/songwriter Marwan Maurice. This multi-instrumentalist/one-man-band began his career in music after a successful profession as an international basketball player. However, he realized in his heart that his passion truly lives within music. He sent us over his latest single,

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Mixtape: GuwopLoco

For your lovely Sunday we have a collaborative mixtape from GuwopLoco. The collab is between Pittsburgh artists JT Loco & FTG Guwop and they teamed up to give you 13 solid tunes that bring the heat to this already hot summer.

I had

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  • africali

Single: Africali – You Don’t Love Him Quite Like You Love Me

Saturday’s chill-out session comes from San Francisco music and art collective, AfriCali. Fed up with how today’s Afro-pop music sounds more like pop and less and less like African, they decided to incorporate various musical influences from inside and outside Africa, blending it

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  • Doug G music on BoomBoomChik

Listen: Doug G – Halfemptyhalffull (Ft. Robert Rosenthal)

Today’s tunes come courtesy of NY indie hip-hop artist, Doug Galiardo aka Doug G (also 1/2 of THE BROTHERHOOD). His style is blending old school hip hop production with lyrics that have raw emotion and depth — rhymes and beats most people can

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