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Video: A&L Hot Mess (ft: Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie)

New music comes from Buffalo, NY seasoned duo A&L. Melding the musical talents of Anthony Casuccio, a season music industry veteran, and Lana Marie, an award-winning vocalist, they create some fun and poppy tunes.

They sent us over their latest single to checkout called

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  • Candy-O music on BoomBoomChik

Listen: Candy-O

If you like The Cars, then Candy-O is for you. This Portland The Cars cover band, has it all and sounds pretty good too. Check out the video below and let us know if you think they are spot on with their covers



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Listen: Betty Moon – Fire Hose

Next up is the new single from Betty Moon, an LA artist. A former teen model and dancer, she took the Toronto music scene by storm selling over 10,000 DIY records in a few months. This caught the attention of A&M Universal, who

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Video: Randy Ichinose – C’Est La Dose Qui Fait Le Poison

Next up is a video from Randy Ichinose, a 22 years old Italian musician. The video is from his new tune, “C’Est La Dose Qui Fait Le Poison.” The tune is on the softer side, but has some killer guitar work on it.

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  • Sonita music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Sonita – Do Me

Get Ready to dance the weekend away with the electro-pop fueled track “Do Me” from Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Sonita. The track has all the makings of a great Saturday night with a ridiculously catchy hook to keep you coming back for more.

Peep the track

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  • Shan Diggs music on BoomBoomChik

Shana Diggs – Ultimate Trip

Got some fresh off the press music for you from Chicago rapper, Shana Diggs. She sent us over her first single called “Ultimate Trip” to check and let me say, this girl can throw down.

Peep the video to the track below and look

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  • The Quicksilver Kings Music on BoomBoomCHik

Video: The Quicksilver Kings – The Man With No Heart

Next up we take it down a notch with a delicous folk-rock tune from The Quicksilver Kings. The group, born in 2012 through a shared love of beer, classic music, cigarettes and other things, have really got something here with sixties inspired catchy

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  • The Om Sound music on BoomBoomChik

Listen: The OM Sound – Tipping Point EP

Today’s tunes come from the musical stylings of The OM Sound. This dynamic music collective loves to fuse elements of hip hop, soul, electronica, and world instruments to create a truly hypnotic sound that serves as inspiration for their socially, environmentally, and spiritually

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  • Nick Urb Music on BoomBoomChik

Single: Nick Urb – Emily

Ladies, get ready to fall in love… with a little help with Nick Urb. This Detroit Artist has been playing in bands around Michigan for over 8 years playing at any place he could. This led him to released his first album 2012

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  • One Girl Symphony music on BoomBoomCHik

Listen: One Girl Symphony

Today, we have some music that goes outside are usual sound, but its worth it. It come from Whitney Vandell, or otherwise known as One Girl Symphony. She was born in Ethiopia and and showed a inclination to music. She was adopted at age 2

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