Zak Waters

INFECTIOUS is the only way I can describe the track, “Heartbreak”, when I received it in an email from singer-songwriter Zak Waters. Influences from artists like Jamiroquai, Justice and Daft Punk and are evident with embellished displays of vocal prowess like the late MJ himself. With that said, Mr. Waters still sounds like something completely different; his songs don’t leave you a moment to catch a breath, it’s a 120-mile-an-hour coaster ride which leaves you right at the point you started from with your hair in a mess and your heart pumping out of your chest. His music exudes the confidence of someone who knows what he likes musically and what people look for in uptempo, dance music.

At this point, I’m just ready for the radio to grab a hold of one of his songs and for Waters to announce a tour so I can see him perform live. Music that’s both entertaining and sophisticated is always a win-win situation. And given the musical pyrotechnics of his songs, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would do acrobatic feats of courage on stage while singing a full set.

Here’s “Heartbreak” by Zak Waters:

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