Multitalented performer and songwriter, Dandy LXIX, is fresh off the release of her new single, “Trophy” which she created as an anthem for women around the world. We had a chance to check it out and we loved the throwback vibe it had.

There is now doubt that Dandy LXIX was heavily influenced by 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. The song starts with a really cool violin sample that sets the mood for women power. She has an unique voice that works well with her laidback sing/rap style that creates catchy hooks difficult to get out of your head. Overall a solid track, especially for women looking for empowerment.

Stream “Trophy” below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Hear more of Dandy LXIX on Spotify and Youtube. Also, look for more Dandy Lxix in 2017 when she releases her new EP, Mixed Emotions.


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