Next up is Australian-based singer song-writer, Aaron Beri. Originally from the West Midlands of England, Aaron Beri now resides in Sydney, Australia where he has just released his debut album, Avalanche, an album about the cold and destructive side of love. We had a minute to check out a single from the album called “Connected” and we really liked what we heard.

“Connected” is your quintessential 80’s reminiscing record– big, reverby snares and a plethora of washed out synths and dreamy haziness. This is no surprise though since Mr Beri has said that the soul and R&B soundtrack of his childhood was 80’s classics. Like the rest of Avalanche, “Connected” is a ballad, filled with emotional lyrics, impressive harmonies, add some modern production work to derive a sound that is at the same time fresh and nostalgic.

Peep the track below and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you dig, you can pick up Avalanche on, Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Apple Music and other online platforms. And if you want even more Aaron Beri, look for his upcoming 5 track EP and single both set for release in late 2017.


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