Next up in our BBC playlist is a new LP from Wisconsin electronic/hip-hop artist, Capricanno. It’s pretty simple what this artist is trying to do — share songs about panties, online cheating, and smoking pot with dogs. We had a chance to check out his latest album, Deep Thoughts Fade, and we loved what Capricanno is doing with his electro/hip hop fusion.

Putting smoking trees with dogs aside, there is something very interesting with Capricanno style, it’s very laid back and easy going surrounded by some solid beats and melodies. Really loving the integration of hip/hop and electronic styles. They album’s tracks are dope, catchy, and just enough off the beaten path that you will continue to listen, not to mention that his track names are awesome.

Stream the album below and leave your thoughts in comments. If you dig it, pick up Deep Thoughts Fade when it is released on July 1, 2017.


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