Continuing our musical journey, next up we have London band, Magazine Gap, giving us a fresh dose of musical creativity. This 3 piece are developing their own unique sound by combining a range of groovy genres includes, pop soul, funk and rock. This sound has taking them across the world performing at some of the world’s most eclectic music festivals

We had a chance to check out their newest single, “Ran for Cover” and we were digging it. Their song writing and production techniques are top notch. The single mixes funk and soul with catchy melodies that make it an easy listen. Also, I have to comment on the vocals, his voice is so powerful and unique and really adds a certain distinct sound to their music that will make you stop and listen.

Stream the track below and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you like it, you can pick up the single out on June 30th via Jackaroo Records


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