Next ups is a new music from Independent producer, Last Ronin. With a hunger for the EDM spotlight, this producer is upping his production skills on his new EP titled Meditate, a sonic journey through space and time with some help from dubstep.

What I’m liking about this EP is the ride it takes you on. I found it to be the perfect working music. Never too fast, nor too slow, just the right amount to keep you on task and on point. The synth work on the EP is exceptional. Beautiful electronic melodies grace each track and really help define the song and give it structure, mixed in with great meticulous beat production, these dubstep tunes can please many different EDM palates.

I do have to say I was loving the tracks that had vocal guests on them a little more than the instrumentals. The tracks that did have vocals took his electronic production technique on an awesome variation.

Check out the Meditate below and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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