Normally the first thing someone thinks when they hear of an artist from Oklahoma is not hip hop. But Tulsa based Marshall Sinclaire is bringing you just that and he is primed to put his state on the hip hop map.

Sinclaire is set to release his new album called noth(K)ing next month and we had a chance to check out the first single from the album called “William Martin (In It).” After listening to the single, I can safely say that one of Sinclaire’s strengths is showcasing his ability to create tracks sonically tied to the classic hip hop with some modern touches, instrumentation and production.

The beat is deep, dark and heavy with enough variation throughout to keep you hooked. The hooks are awesome too, definitely something that can stick with you.

Peep the track below and leave your thoughts in comments. If you like, pick up Sinclaire’s noth(K)ing out February 4th, 2017.


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