New music for your New Years Eve comes from Hollywood group, The Lords of Easton. This 3 piece, composed of members Raven Kane, David Campbell, Stan Medley, are bring some decent tunes to our ears with their latest single called “Arabian Nights,” a track that was produced and arranged by David Campbell, aka, Beck’s father.

When you listen to Arabian Night, you are immediately hit with superb vocals, dynamic performances and timeless musicality that is a throwback to the heyday of 70/80’s pop rock. Couldn’t help but think of Sting or Fleetwood Mac when listening to the single. You have luscious guitars, beautiful saxophone work and an overall laid-back, smooth vibe to it that just needs to be listened to.

Stream “Arabian Nights” below and leave your thoughts in the comments, you can pick up more of The Lords of Easton music from iTunes or your favorite digital retailer.


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