We over here at BBC are loving the new tune from NYC artist, Jessalyn. She has been around music here whole life starting at 4 years old when she asked her grandfather to build her a stage in her family’s basement so she could perform and sing for her family. These roots combined with years of crafting her art has led to her first single, “Want Me.”

After listening to “Want Me” five times in a row, I can safely say that this 20 year old singer is truly gifted with an incredibly unique, soothing soulful voice that is very easy on the ears. The productions is clean, the melodies catchy and her voice is just amazing- definitely can see this record on the Top 40 charts.

If this tune is any indication of her talents to come, then she has a great future ahead of her. Listen to “Want Me” below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Like usual, if you dig the track, pick it up from your favorite digital retailer.


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