New music for your Thanksgiving break comes from LA artist, Jason Achilles Mezilis. The prolific musician has had his hand in the industry for a while now and has no intention of stopping. Mezilis was classically trained in piano from a young age and ended up with the electric guitar a week after his first Van Halen concert. Ultimately he attended and graduated UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Music.

Currently, Mezilis is promoting the release of his solo instrumental rock album titled Comedown. What is super interesting about theproduction of the album, is that it was recorded and mixed entirely analog in his recording studio, Organic Audio Recorders, in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Having worked with a ton of bands and performing around the Hollywood scene, he has taken in all influences and styles and combined them into a solid piece of art in Comedown.

The first single from the album, “Panhandle” (which you can watch the music video to below), is a sonically stunning example of this guy’s talent, Usually I tend to find instrumental rock music pretty mundane, but Jason has definitely changed my opinion. The track is clean, grooving, sounds amazing and overall his melodies are pretty infectious. The other great thing I liked about the album is that every other track I listened to on Comedown has that same feeling.

Watch the video “Panhandle” below and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you dig, look for Jason around LA as well as pick up Comedown, available now on iTunes and Amazon, as well as online at


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