Sometimes you feel like you have to just escape it all and go into your own Zen world. Now for me that involves some tunes that bring me to an ethereal realm — and I think I have found the perfect vehicle to take me there – Ketil Lien aka Wim and his dreamy electronica music.

This producer, has been experimenting with electronic music for a very long time in his career and has released many albums, singles, tunes along the way. His latest one, called Exosphere, is not different. 4×4 drum beats lay the foundation for airy and large synths that have so much depth to them that you can’t help but feel like you are floating down an electronic sonic highway. If you want to get lost in your mind and just be in the moment – listen to Wim

Peep a track from the Wim below called ‘City Moods’ and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you dig, head over to this site to pick up the the album.


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