Saturday’s chill-out session comes from San Francisco music and art collective, AfriCali. Fed up with how today’s Afro-pop music sounds more like pop and less and less like African, they decided to incorporate various musical influences from inside and outside Africa, blending it all together to create some genuine and original.

They sent us over a track to checkout called “You Don’t Love Him Quite Like You Love Me” and we were instantly in chill mode. The tune is definitely accessible to many types of musical listeners since it really does incorporate many different types of genres including soulful rock, blues, heavy rhythms and percussion of 1970s Ethiopian music all topped with  sprinklings of Cali psych. It’s upbeat yet at the same time chills you out to the point where everything fades away except the worldly tunes that highlights the musicianship and artistry of the group. 

Peep the “You Don’t Love Him Quite Like You Love Me” below and leave your thoughts in the comments, if you dig it, pick up their album, THE S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E, from your favorite digital retailer.


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