Today’s tunes come from Justin Llamas. New to the music scene, this artist has been producing popular Youtube cover videos for over 5 years. With Youtube highlighting Justin’s skills, he caught the attention of Black Rose Entertainment (BRE) whose founders have worked with the likes of America’s Most Wanted, Amina Harris, and Keyshia Cole. With BRE and Justin’s youtube presence he has been building fans left and right and building a name for himself.

He sent us over his debut EP, Gold (2 years in the making), to listen to and we liked it. There is no doubt the guy has a good voice and it is heard on the 5 solid, hook-ladden pop tracks on this EP. Also digging the production work on the EP, it’s crisp and top notch — real professional.

Stream the single, “Got It Out For Me”, from the EP below and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you dig, check out the rest of the EP on his Soundcloud Page.


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