Today’s tunes come from the musical stylings of The OM Sound. This dynamic music collective loves to fuse elements of hip hop, soul, electronica, and world instruments to create a truly hypnotic sound that serves as inspiration for their socially, environmentally, and spiritually conscious messages.

They sent us over their latest release to checkout called Tipping Point and its jam packed with grooving tracks that most people can get down to. You got dubby basses, crazy synth work and rhtym guitar all held together by downtempo drum beats. The other things that makes this release enjoyable is that they overlay hip hop verses with lots of singing that just seem to fit right into that groove pocket.

After listening to all 7 track of the album, you can tell that this group definitely vibe together. If you only have a few minutes to check out the LP, I highly recommend the laidback intro track, “Being Human”, the sexy, latin grooving “Dynamo of Volition” and The “Tipping Point”

Listen to the album below to get an idea of what these guys can do. If you dig, you can pick it up from Bandcamp or get The Thepping Point EP (only has 3 songs from the LP) for Free


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