Today, one of my friends tweeted me Jessie Ware and Sampha’s video, “Valentine”, which is absolutely gorgeous. Her take on electronic, R&B/soul infused music reminds me, vaguely, of Jesse Boykins III in its unabashed, fearless, and imperfect beauty (talk about a mouthful). It doesn’t do too much or try too hard, qualities I appreciate beyond measure especially today, where tightly wound and perfect songs are the norms, the products of high-grade sound engineering and production value. But enough about that – Ware’s voice is beautiful, subtle and carries a lot of emotion. Other artists she vaguely reminds me of are fellow Londoner Aya and the Haitian-American singer Gaelle. She’s adding an extra thirty points for this new generation of soul artists.

Here’s Jessie Ware’s first solo single, “Strangest Feeling”: