And without further ado, Malaysian MC Arabyrd has finally released her highly-anticipated EP, Disco Nected, on Crunchtime Records. The EP opens with the ever-catchy “Rolexflex” (I got my rolex biiitch/I’m running in my Rolls Royce) and is followed by my favorite track on the EP, the quirky, all-Malay jam “Kek” which was featured on the Stereotyp mixtape earlier this year. The final song on the EP, “GUM on ur Shoe” reminds me of the schoolyard songs we would sing while playing double dutch in the Bronx.

You can purchase the EP HERE for a whopping 5 Euros (Americans, this is NOT in our favor) but the folks at Crunchtime have made “Rolexflex” available for free download (YAY!). Perhaps they heard that our credit rating dropped so they wanted to help us out a bit.

Here’s “GUM on ur Shoe” by Arabyrd: