The past 48 hours have been an adventure for Los Angeles based trio KING. Questlove happened upon their music serendipitously on Twitter, and as to be expected, when tweeted by an artist and celebrity of this caliber followers followed suit and followed KING. Now with over 1,000 followers, the talented group have won over people with their dreamy, yesteryear sounding blend of soul and R&B.

Made up of twin sisters Amber and Paris Strother and Anita Bias, the three not only wrote all of the songs on their debut EP, The Story, Paris showcased her musical prowess by producing all of it. That makes me happy; the sound of their EP, The Story, is all theirs – the vocals, the songwriting, the arrangement.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the three women filmed their music video and created all of the artwork. Over achievers? I ain’t complaining. They took DIY to a whole other level and for that, I approve.

Here’s “The Story” off of KING’s eponymous debut EP: