Electro-soul duo Belle Boussole have teamed up with, erm, me, Stephanie “Radio” Morillo, to create a song about love and lust underneath streetlights. The tune, “Midnight Aria” was co-written by Bryan McGurn and I, and features Belle Boussole’s decadent soul-infused funk pop music as well as my penchant for dramatic lyrics and jazzy vocals. It was a match made in chocolate heaven – speaking of which, “Midnight Aria” is available for FREE download (below), so make sure you get your copy and send it along to your better half along with flowers and chocolates. Did I mention Belle Boussole has a track called “Chocolate Cake” off of their 2010 debut album? Now you see why we both teamed up to make a record.

Here’s “Midnight Aria” by Stephanie Morillo and Belle Boussole: