Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, fronted by multimedia artist Rita Indiana Hernandez, is touted as one of the most amazing musical exports from the Dominican Republic and is quickly becoming a celebrated and respected act outside of the Caribbean.

Rita Indiana is an unlikely figure to be celebrated in Dominican society; she is openly in a relationship with another woman, she is a celebrated author whose two books have a cult following and both her fashion and vocal styles are not what audiences are used to experiencing. That said, Rita has taken Dominican audiences by storm, selling out venues in the country that have a capacity of 1000+ or more. Her unique mix of electronic music, funk and Dominican mambo and merengue and lyrics-cum-political-and-social-commentary have made her a force to be reckoned with.

Watch her video “El Juidero” (above) off of her recently-released album El Juidero. And shout outs to my fellow Dominicans – don’t sleep on this woman!

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